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8060 FX-R Fuel Pressure Regulator

FX-R Race Fuel Pressure Regulator from Go Fast Bits can handle up to 1500bhp whether you run petrol/gasoline, Ethanol, Methanol or Diesel

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GFB’s 8060 FX-R race version Fuel Pressure Regulator is capable of flowing enough fuel for up to 1500hp, and features two -6AN ORB (O-Ring Boss) inlet ports, two 1/8” NPT gauge ports, and one -6AN ORB outlet port.

The two inlet ports can be used for single or dual rails, and the two gauge ports allow the use of both a mechanical gauge and electronic pressure sensor.

  • 2 x -6AN ORB inlet ports
  • 2 x 1/8” NPT gauge ports
  • 1 x -6AN ORB outlet port
  • 1 x 1/16” NPT manifold reference port

Supplied with: FX-R Fuel Pressure Regulator, Mounting bracket, 2 x 1/8” NPT pressure plugs for gauge ports not being used, 1 x -6AN plug for inlet port not being used, 1 x 1/16” NPT x 5/32” (4mm) hose barb.


All GFB FX Regulators Feature:

  • 1:1 fuel pressure rise rate
  • Suitable for Unleaded, Ethanol, Methanol and Diesel fuels
  • Double layer/double reinforced diaphragms with a burst strength exceeding 1000psi
  • Teflon co-polymer seat with stainless valve to retain fuel pressure longer after shut down
  • Fully sealed upper boost/vacuum reference chamber
  • Static pressures adjustable from 28psi to 72psi (2-5BAR)
  • Completely serviceable
  • Multiple body ports allow for a large variety of setup options
  • Manufactured in Australia in accordance with ISO 9001

GFB’s Fuel Pressure Regulators are built with the same precision, machining quality, and reliability that is the foundation of all GFB products. The compact size of the GFB FX regulators conceals a large flow capacity, and the multiple ports allow for a variety of fuel system setups including multiple rails and gauge/pressure sensor monitoring.

Internally, like all GFB products you’ll find unique features and small touches that make the difference between a good product, and a great one. For example, we use a double-layer, double-reinforced diaphragm with a burst strength exceeding 1000psi (68BAR)!

Unlike others that use a metal-to-metal valve seat, the FX regulators feature a replaceable soft Teflon valve seat that helps retain fuel pressure longer after the car is shut down for easier re-starting. We even went to the trouble of adding an o-ring sealed spring hat to ensure no boost/vacuum leakage through the spring adjusting screw.

All FX regulators have a 1:1 fuel pressure rise rate and a base pressure range from 28-72psi (2-5BAR).

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