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Beware of Counterfeit GFB Products

Counterfeit parts are being fraudulently advertised and sold as GFB products, these could cause damage to your vehicle. Only buy from listed dealers to be sure you are buying genuine products.

If you have purchased from the following Ebay sellers, please get a refund from Ebay, as you have been sold fake illegal counterfeit non-genuine GFB products:



We do our best to get these listings removed from Ebay however, they do not notify anyone who has already purchased one of these illegal products.

We are aware of a number of counterfeits of GFB DV+ products hitting the market, these are being sold on Ebay and Amazon. When we find out about these listings, usually when someone contacts us for support, we get the listing removed, however the online platforms do not notify people who have purchased the product they did not buy a genuine GFB part.

We always knew unscrupulous operators would try to cash in on a successful product that looks easy to copy, but what makes it even worse is that they are being MARKED, ADVERTISED, and SOLD as “genuine” GFB products, which they are not. They are also being sold at a price not far below our RRP, which means you cannot spot a counterfeit simply because it is cheap. To the buyer, this is particularly of concern because a number of customers have already been duped, paying almost full retail for a part that is worthless and potentially damaging to their car.

We have received a few of these copied products to inspect and test them, and the results are not pretty. Despite the appearance of simplicity, the DV+ does actually have several key areas in its construction that are critical to its operation and reliability.

Tolerance and surface finish of the piston is one, and bonding of the piston face seal is another (refer the picture here taken from a counterfeit product). If the tolerances are wrong, the valve will not work properly, causing boost leaking or jamming. If the piston face seal lets go (or more correctly, WHEN the piston face seal of the fake lets go), it will go straight through the turbocharger. That’s if you even manage to bolt it onto the car in the first place – some copies are so poorly constructed they don’t even fit together.

Unfortunately, the copies are difficult to pick from photos alone, especially since they are often advertised with photos, instructions and all the marketing material from our own website! It is not easy to spot a counterfeit until it fails.

This won’t help if you have already purchased the product online, as often the seller who is passing off these counterfeits as GFB will not respond.

While we are making every effort to combat this, if purchasing from an online marketplace and you would like to find out if the seller is authorized, please contact us or verify the dealer is authorised in the Stockists page.

If buying goods advertised as second hand, verify the proof of purchase before purchasing. By doing so (and retaining your proof of purchase), your genuine GFB product will be covered by our warranty policy, as we always stand behind the products we make.

So, to avoid possible turbo damage and getting ripped off, please take care where you buy (especially EBay, and any Chinese online sellers), and if you see or receive a GFB product that doesn’t look right, please contact us at info@gfbuk.com so we can take action against the sellers of these counterfeit products.

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